About us
Peer Square is a medium for connective thinking and continuous growth.
A social space for learners to come together as a community.
A learning space to connect and exchange knowledge.
A personal space to own the learning process, and monitor progress.
How it all started
The global shift and migration to absolute E-learning was so sudden. While students were adapting to online tools, they were missing a dedicated space to learn with peers beyond the classroom.
Covid 19
Backed with insights from recent studies and from the behavioral observation of her son Luka, Caroline Assaf, Founder of Coco World noticed a gaping hole in learning support. Luka and many of the students interviewed spent countless hours switching back and forth between several platforms, trying to connect with peers, and study virtually. A simple process made difficult because of a cluster of communications, and the absence of one centralized studying space where Luka, and others like him, could simply and seamlessly exchange ideas and share knowledge with peers.
Brainchild of Coco World
Launched in 2020, Peer Square was founded on the need to provide learners with an interactive space dedicated to them, to learn together beyond the classroom environment.
Peer Square
Through Peer Square, students, professionals, and all perpetual learners alike get firsthand access to a community of peers, with whom they can engage, give and receive assistance throughout their learning journey.
The Team
Caroline Assaf
Executive Director
Hobbies: Hiking, writing and traveling
Farah Samhoun
Academic Advisor
Hobbies: Cooking, walking and yoga
Peer Square is an online studying space for youth to learn together, and from each other.

A marketplace where youth connect with a global community of peers, trade knowledge, and earn points.
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