01 Sep 2021
5 Main Benefits of Peer-to-Peer Learning
Read this article to find out what are the 5 main benefits of peer-to-peer learning and how Peer Square provides the best peer learning experience.
14 Sep 2021
Is EdTech the New Paradigm Shift?
Ever since 2019, and as a result of a global pandemic, the world has seen massive changes across the spectrum.
06 Sep 2021
Everything You Need To Know About Peer To Peer Learning
Peer-to-peer learning, the what, why, how, and everything you need to know about peer-to-peer learning support. Click the link to read the full article now.
21 Sep 2021
Collaborative versus Cooperative Learning
What is the difference between collaborative learning versus cooperative learning? And what sort of approach in education technology does Peer Square provide?
28 Sep 2021
How Has the Immersion of Technology Impacted Education?
Technology has spread out across the education sector through EdTech solutions. What does this widespread mean? And how has technology impacted education?
04 Oct 2021
What Role Do Teachers Have in the Age of Peer Learning?
The new age of education has seen peer learning become a popular practice in learning support. But what role, if any, do teachers play in peer learning?
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