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Who is PSQ Students for?
PSQ Students is a collaborative learning platform for students (grade 7 to 13) to study and learn together and from each other.
Do I have to be part of a school to be able to sign in?
Peer Square Students is available to the students (grade 7 to 13) of our partnering schools.
Can teachers or parents access the platform?
Peer Square is solely dedicated to students (Grade 7 to 13).
Can I find peers from other schools within the platform?
Yes, peers will be able to access other peers from partnering schools.
Is my personal information shared with the school?
No. We respect our students' personal information. All aspects regarding privacy and security are detailed in our Privacy Policy
Schools FAQ
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What are the advantages of implementing PSQ Students in schools
Peer to peer learning has proven to have a positive impact on learning and increases substantially students’ rate of retention.
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Is the platform safe for students?
We have embedded security tools and GDPR guidelines compliant with EU rules, to ensure the highest level of data protection and reduce security risks to a minimum, ensuring Peer Square is a safe environment.
Who benefits from the use of PSQ Students?
All stakeholders in the field of education benefit from implementing and/or using PSQ Students. The common goal is to improve the quality of learning through a safe and dedicated peer learning platform.
How is security taken into account?
All aspects regarding privacy and security are detailed in our Privacy Policy.
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What is Peer to peer learning?
Peer to peer learning is an educational practice in which students interact with one another to attain educational goals.
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Why should I encourage my child to adopt PSQ?
Link to the blog article on 5 benefits of peer learning.
What can I do if my child’s school doesn’t have PSQ?
Unfortunately at this point, access to our platform is through our partnering schools. Please send us the name of your child’s school to and we will get in touch with them to propose our solutions.
What is a social learning space?
A social learning space is a space that encourages discussion, support and exploration between peers, reinforcing a sense of belonging to a community of learners. A digital social learning space doesn’t rely on an ‘authority’ figure (such as a teacher). It encourages students to exercise their metacognitive skills and empowers them to become self-regulated learners.
Peer Square is an online studying space for youth to learn together, and from each other.

A marketplace where youth connect with a global community of peers, trade knowledge, and earn points.
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